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A stunning Sorrento and it’s peninsula – Marilyn and Alf

We are about to leave Sorrento and its peninsula after three enjoyable days, heading South for the Amalfi Coast proper. When we left Umbria, it was raining heavily, and rain stayed with us until we were virtually in Sorrento. The … Continue reading

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Sampling the delights of Umbria, Italy – Marilyn and Alf

For us, Umbria was a huge contrast to the neighbouring province of Tuscany which is known throughout the World for its art, architecture and red wine including Chianti.  Umbria boasts many beautiful famous  towns perched on the hillside including Perugia, Assisi, Todi … Continue reading

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Four amazing days in Florence – Marilyn and Alf

For us, Florence will surely be one of the highlights of our “Taking the slow road to Cyprus” adventure. There are two key reasons why Florence, one of the World’s most beautiful cities’, attracts UNESCO millions of tourists annually – art and architecture. … Continue reading

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Three delightful days in Venice – Marilyn and Alf

Today we leave Venice for Florence, after three delightful days. Our first day, we were talking to another couple on a ferry and received the following advice: You are going to be ripped-off in Venice anyway, so you might as well enjoy … Continue reading

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Some of Marilyn and Alf’s best photos in Budapest, Hungary

Check out the link below for some of Marilyn & Alf’s best photos whilst visiting Budapest. Open the link and then choose Budapest on the right or if you prefer one of the other cities. Click on individual photos to enlarge … Continue reading

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Definitely no more dumplings please!

In Zagreb, Croatia, we thought that we were eating Croatian pasta but the waiter described it as “home-made Croatian dumplings” – it was an accompaniment to some excellent beef. It’s interesting to observe that in Central Europe, the “dumpling belt” seems to wider than … Continue reading

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Delightful two days in Zagreb, Croatia

Sadly, this morning we must say goodbye to Zagreb and drive to Venice, Italy. Last night Marilyn commented: I really like it here in Zagreb and definitely want to come back and see more of Croatia next time. We have had … Continue reading

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