Slow road to Cyprus – the epilogue!

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Reflecting back on our seven weeks road and sea trip from Bath, UK to Cyprus, most things went really well but there are still two open questions outstanding from earlier blogs:

  1. Would we do it again?
  2. Where are we planning to go next?

Without any hesitation, we would certainly do it all again and would thoroughly recommend it. The most important ingredient is “time” to fully enjoy the experience – that’s why we latched on to the theme of “slow travel“.

As for our next adventure, we plan an extended trip to the Orient (or East Asia). Once again, we shall embrace the theme of “slow travel“. We have set up a new blog called “Exploring the Orient” and we hope that you will find our new postings of interest. We leave Europe on Monday, Oct. 1. Why don’t you check out the new blog at the following link:

If you would like to follow this new blog with an email update, simply click the “follow” button on the top right hand side of the new blog.

Many thanks for reading and commenting on this blog, viz.  Slow Road to Cyprus. We have had a lot of fun writing it 🙂

We hope to retain your interest with our new blog.

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