May Day in Frankfurt on Main

Sunset over Frankfurt (Main); photographers po...

Sunset over Frankfurt (Main); photographers position at the river Main. Français : Quartier d’affaires de Francfort avec vue sur le Main Lietuvių: Frankfurto dangoraižiai naktį Slovenčina: Západ slnka za siluetou frankfurtských mrakodrapov (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we shall be leaving Frankfurt after two really relaxing days.

It took about five hours to reach Frankfurt from Brugge but another hour to locate where we were staying which turned out to be worth the effort. Our hotel was overlooking the river, and is a popular spot for local people – it’s also famous for being where Goethe courted his sweetheart.

Yesterday, we wandered along the river and spent the day in the renovated old quarter which is very beautiful – otherwise the architecture is quite modern. We saw many huge barges pass along the River Maine, including state-of-the art river cruise ships.

It was May 1 yesterday, so shops and museums were unfortunately closed.

For us people watching in Frankfurt became an interesting distraction. It’s important to mention that temperatures were approaching 30 degrees Celsius in the sun. Everywhere we saw joggers, cyclists, skaters, or families out with the children and the dogs. Everybody seemed to be having fun in a simple natural way. Restaurants were busy and whilst we saw many people drinking beer, there was no evidence of drunkenness.

If you happen to be travelling from Brugge to Prague by car, Frankfurt is about half way and is well worth visiting.

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6 Responses to May Day in Frankfurt on Main

  1. Danny Bowcutt says:

    We’re going to follow your progress and I’m sure get vicarious pleasure as you get along. I’m already recalling memories of past travels. Alf stories have already come to mind.

  2. dralfoldman says:

    Thanks Danny, look forward to your comments 🙂

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  6. dralfoldman says:

    Reblogged this on Dr Alf's Blog and commented:

    Looking back over some of my most popular blogs, I think this is worth a read

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