Brugge is beautiful even in the rain!

Bruges (Belgium): the Koningsbrug (King's brid...

Bruges (Belgium): the Koningsbrug (King's bridge) Nederlands: Brugge (België): de Koningsbrug Français : Bruges (Belgique): le Koningsbrug (Pont des Rois) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, we finally got away from Bath about noon on Friday. The last few hours were fairly hectic. I had planned the packing of the car carefully and quietly started loading the car from about 8.00 A.M. About 10.00 AM, suddenly a few extra bags appeared at the front door which really livened up the next couple of hours! This was after a trip to the municipal tip, plus about half a dozen bags going up in the loft for store. I had  thought we had emptied  the house days earlier!

Anyway, we left Bath in the rain and the journey to Dover was pretty slow with rain most of the way, plus the usual Friday afternoon delays on the M25. We had packed a large variety of CDs, so we enjoyed the music anyway. We eventually got to Dover about 5.00PM, after a couple of stops and were amazed at the sunshine in Dover. After checking in the our hotel, we went for a walk by the sea in the late afternoon sunshine which was lovely.

Saturday morning, my staggered alarms on my iPhone were highly effective in waking us at 4.00 AM. Our ferry to Dunkirk was fairly uneventful – it was raining for most of the trip.

I had a moment of panic when my SatNav started playing up a bit getting out of the Dunkirk port. There was a major accident on the highway and lots of diversions once we had crossed into Belgium – so we saw plenty of Belgian villages – that brought back memories but I’ll save that story for another day. There was one really lively moment, when the SatNav tried to take us down a cycle path – one cyclist just looked at us in amazement, probably thinking: 

It’s true – all the English really are mad!

We eventually got to Brugge about 1100 and managed to organize an early check-in our hotel. The rest of the afternoon we spent sightseeing in Brugge in the rain. Brugge is really beautiful, even in the rain!

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7 Responses to Brugge is beautiful even in the rain!

  1. Danny Bowcutt says:

    Brugge really is beautiful. I recall a few good memories of Belgian villages and Southern Holland also.

  2. enjoying reading your blog…

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  6. dralfoldman says:

    Reblogged this on Dr Alf's Blog and commented:

    Looking back over some of my most popular blogs, I think this is worth a read

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