Reflections on hard floors at 5.00 A.M – Departure Minus Three Days

Map showing the location of the Strait of Dover.

Map showing the location of the Strait of Dover. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I was awoken by the rain and wind – this is in addition to an air-bed that has decided to sag a bit in the night!

Like yesterday, I grabbed my lap-top and wandered through an empty house, suggesting to Marilyn that she should go back to sleep for a bit.

I made a cup of tea and contemplated where to sit. Let me remind the reader, the house is completely bare except for a some clothes and few bits that are going travelling with us. There is a ledge in the lounge which supported the TV (now in store) but it’s a bit “parky” in there at the moment.

Yesterday, I parked myself in my study on the floor on the carpet. However, yesterday, we had the carpets cleaned and treated with a moth repellent, so I decided that I’d give the carpets a miss this morning.

Here I am now parked on a hard floor in the kitchen, tea to hand and lap-top on my lap.

I am sitting looking at the rain on the window pane, wondering when I am going to cut the grass?

My mind was rolling over the tasks planned for the next few days and I rolled forward to Saturday morning when we take the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk at 6.00 A.M. I was trying to focus on other ferry trips to France. Two memories came to mind.

The first memory was when Marilyn and I went Summer skiing, thirty years ago this August (that’s another story). Anyway, as soon as we left Dover, we made a pact to stop smoking and tossed our remaining cigarettes into the sea. Thirty years later, we are still non-smokers. Next January we shall have been married for thirty years – I am not sure where we’ll be for our anniversary, perhaps Malaysia?

The second memory was when we were living in Paris in the eighties and we frequently took an evening ferry from Dover. Normally, we would arrive in Calais late at night and have a clear road to Paris. Unfortunately, there was this one time, when we arrived in Calais and it was fog-bound, so were forced to find a hotel for the night. When we got to the room, it was 2.00 AM but we were extremely suspicious about the cleanliness of the bed linen – so we collapsed into a disturbed sleep fully clothed, on top of towels with winter coats on top! 

We were describing our Calais hotel experience to Debbie our Bath next door neighbour over a glass of wine and the conversation switched to bed-bugs. Debbie told us of the time when she was on a charity related visit to Uganda. She told us that the charity issued body liners for sleeping bags or for use under nets that kept the bugs out.

Thinking about where I might find the body covering net pajamas, my mind drifted to my local camping shop and that I needed to pick up a can of water repellant spay for the seams on my waterproof jacket.

Returning to now – the floor is getting harder, the birds are singing more loudly outside and the rain seems to be easing, so I suppose that I had better shift a gear and start moving…

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  1. michaelnates says:

    Hi A&M
    Great start and best of fortune on your adventures We’ll follow you virtually
    Best wishes
    Dubai Nates

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