Drawing the line and starting again

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast (Photo credit: The Consortium)

Welcome to Marilyn & Alf’s new blog.

We plan to live in Cyprus and travel extensively.

Our first adventure will be getting to Cyprus by car!

April 28 2012, we shall be taking the Channel ferry from Dover to Dunkirk in France, and then spending a couple of days in Brugge, Belgium. We shall then head for Prague, spending two nights in Frankfurt. After Prague, we plan to visit Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Zagreb, Venice, Florence and the Amalfi coast, before taking a six-day cargo-cruise from Salerno, Italy to Limassol, Cyprus. The cargo-cruise will take our car as well as Marilyn and myself as passengers. We hope to arrive in Limassol June 8.

Well, that’s the plan anyway!

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9 Responses to Drawing the line and starting again

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  7. I can see a budding Peter Mayall lookalike (A Year in Provence), in the making – all you need now is to turn all these blogs into a book and then the film and following that the television series with lookalike actors!

    After that you make speeches, appear on television and pontificate about the transition from the UK to a more globetrotting and satisfying life.

    That then metamorphoses into a new website with downloadable “resources” which people wanting to emulate what you have achieved can purchase either via monthly subscription or as a series of one offs.

  8. dralfoldman says:

    Reblogged this on Dr Alf's Blog and commented:

    Looking back over some of our most popular travel blogs, I think this is worth a read

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